i awoke to the news that someone i loved had commited suicide in the night,and they are christians-so,is suicide an unforgivable sin? no,and i can prove it! #1,Jesus died for our sins (all of them)-before we were ever even born-(up to the time we except him? sin brakes fellowship,not relationship.) #2,i know he commited suicide as a direct result of being attacked by mind control troops, that would be murder,not suicide! As a matter of fact 9.9 percent of all suicides are a direct result of outside influences,wether demonic,or technology,or both!! And #3,if suicide was an unforgiveable sin,dont you think Jesus would have mentioned it, even 1 time in His word? He doesnt!!! my friend finished his race,and now is in the arms of Christ-but for those responsible-Jesus says it wre better that a millstone (car motor)-were hung about your neck,and you be drowned in the depth of the sea,(vanern)-then to harm 1 of these little 1’s

Published by littleflaim

serving Christ in the darkness

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