weLl oF sOuls

L (of weLl)-F(from oF)-O (of sOuls)-L.F.O.-I know God gives me what i write,and im sure 9 times out of 10 i probly get most of it wrong.But when writing this,i wanted it to have a catchy heading,and so i spelled it funky,and even experimented with it-a lil, untill it looked kool to me,but i also know i have some weird people who follow me-(government snoops)-so i was thinking,i wonder how their going to try and twist this peice!-so i only did what i figured they would do, and i ask google what the acronim for L.F.O. is,what google told me verified to me what i already know-(besides me being crazy)-is that God actually is in control of what i write!!!!!!!!!!-L.F.O.Low Frequency Osculation. So i googled L.F.O./mindcontrol)-

Published by littleflaim

serving Christ in the darkness

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