im crippled and wayward and always prone to roam-im the black sheep who felt rejected so strayed far from home.i ended up in a wolf pack who i had to fight to get in-i forgot about my Savior who suffered and died for my sin.We were carefree and reckless and unwanted by the rest-and tho we had mad love for each other it was soon put to the test. The world came after us with a vengence and and ripped our troop apart-its then i remembered Christ who so long ago won my heart. So i began to cry out in repentence for my first true love-and unbelievable as it may seem Christ heard from above.He said I have a plan and a purpose for you wether near or far-This is why I made you to be exactly who you are.All those warriors and junkies and ladies who only longed to be free-Need to hear of My grace and My love and how much I want them here with Me. But no 1 else would go to them and didnt know what to say-So I had to send you son,there was no other way.I know it cost you everything and you might even think your life was for naught-But you went where no 1 else was strong enough to go and gather the 1’s I sought.Now your wolf pack is 1/2 dead and scattered and seems fallen from grace-But thanks to you the Crown Jewels of my heart will soon be in place. ( a true story about a friend)

Published by littleflaim

serving Christ in the darkness

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