‘Battlefield Virtual’

Ive been having a recuring ‘dream’, that when i hold something up high-the opposite apaers! When i raise up the American flag-people see the flag of Argentina! When i raise up the holy bible, they see the satanic bible! when i held up the Harley D. symbol-they saw a leading Japanese motorcycle manufacturer! When i held up a cross they saw an upside down 5 pointed star! when i held up a pic, of Donald Trump, they saw the pres. of Argentina! All christians had the apearance of crustations, and people were drawing the christian symbol of the fish around them to truly identify them!( You know this is really happening to unsuspecting americans, and others around the world using (maybe)-ECO SPOT LED C40E projecters applying InstaRage???)-China has even more powerfull satilite projecters,and besides entertaining the elite with living cartoon figures of the unsuspecting-They are also marking every single human being. You have All kinds of unseen symbols around you depecting who and what you are. Your religion-such as the star of david, or a cross, or a pentagram.A triangle for A.A. skull and crossbones,military insignia,flag of your country,besides your personal info. Your sexual prefrences-and not on a computer screen-Technology is a lot further advanced then people realize-welcome to the world of 5 D Microsoft Halolens Imagery-I.V.A.S.(Intagrated Visual Augmented Systems)-Halolens 2-is the American Armies version of it,and their not using it to harm you,but actually Protecting us from enemies who have infiltrated our borders using very sophisticated technology against us! America has been spending the majority of its resources in building up its military,while China has been pouring every yuan into its technology-and as a result,we (might have)-better tanks and machine guns and bombs, but we (might be)-hurting where we are being attacked the hardest,and that is on the battlefield of ‘Virtual’-which has become the ‘New Reality’.-A place where American soldiers have actually used ‘Directed Stick Radiater Guns’to fight off demons that they can only spot thru their I.V.A.S.lences,and a place where spirits and souls of the dead have actually been found resideing in off planet virtual reality worlds-(but thats another story)-!!!

Published by littleflaim

serving Christ in the darkness

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