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In the 70;s when i first started doing time in prison they had a radio chanel, and on sundays it was all about the convicts-peoples families would come on and say hello to thier loved ones and dedicate a song! early on when i started getting plagued by mind control squads, it didnt take me long to figure out what was happening-They started a chanel called the friendship chanel-and it was a brodband long range (pirate)station for convicts and there loved ones to stay in touch.It was innocent,and good. (children and women were on this chanel)-But just like the other chanel from the seventies,gang members took it over and started pulling contract killings and sending hits on peoples lives over the air waves,And unbeknownst to them,the enemies of our state started taking over the minds,and the chanel of the gang members who were stealing the friendship radio station from the children and there loved ones. Children and women became subjected to to having to listen to tortures and killings and rape from over seas extremists and hatemongers-We want our Friendship chanel back,and we want yall to pay for what youve done.You coulnt make it in the freeworld,You made this world unsafe,and now look what youre selfishness and greed has done! youve betrade our country into the hands of our worst enemies,while youve forced youre own wives and children to listen-how dare you!!!

Published by littleflaim

serving Christ in the darkness

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