What happens when we have faith in God for something and it doesnt happen? We get in doubt and fear that God doesnt love us, we feel inadiquite,or maybe this faith thing is a waist of time! But what DOES happen? God takes the faith we give Him, and we might not recieve the results we were hopeing for-but He recieves our faith and shapes into something altogether diff. for us.EVERYTIME!!! Romans 12:3-(c)-as God hath delt to every man the measure of faith.

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serving Christ in the darkness

16 thoughts on “(F.)faith(T.)that(W.)works

  1. They booted me out of the other sober house,but graciously let me move into another on the promise that i would stay sober,which i am.And that i would pay rent,which i owe.Its in a seedier side of town,but i feel i fit in here.Sorry you had to read my last post called ;help;? But this neighborhood is like the wild wild west around here,and i didnt know what else to do,and no,i dont have a phone! Its a very beautiful day outside,but windy.Leaves are blowing everywhere.Im fixing to get to a meeting here in a bit.(i wonder)————–?

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    1. well,i was told tonight in my new place,that im a cleaning machine-which im not! All i did was sweep and mop-HA!! But i am apreciative. Sorry you got a hangover-i feel guilty for incourageing you to have fun doing it! mm-pour girl!

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    2. today was a battle for me,but i got to be of sevice to someone else and stayed clean, that must of took some pretty strong majic-Believe it or not,i usualy am able to stay in the relm of the supernatural 99 percent of the time that pg.86 of the big book talks about-i think you do too

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