Legacy Of The Lost

Pain unimaginable,suffering and lament-Blood and tears stain cement! Screams go unheard deep underground-in deep dark tunels and basements where none can be found! We screamed for America,defender of the free-We prayed to a God who we could not see! No 1 seemed to answer,and evidently no 1 cared-So we lost all hope in the faithContinue reading “Legacy Of The Lost”

‘Dream’-or ‘reality’?

Ive been having a recuring ‘dream’, that when i hold something up high-the opposite apaers! When i raise up the American flag-people see the flag of Argentina! When i raise up the holy bible, they see the satanic bible! when i held up the Harley D. symbol-they saw a leading Japanese motorcycle manufacturer! When iContinue reading “‘Dream’-or ‘reality’?”


Lenga-(Those who collect-Harvesters)-Angel-(Those who distribute-Messengers)-Never forget,Things on earth are just a shadow of whats going on in heaven! (Heb.8:5)-Things on earth are just a pattern,or shadow of heavens reality.Unseen forces around us control what we see taking place visibly.We need to remember that, when reading about angels and demons in revelations.We are not going toContinue reading “‘angeL[.]Legna’”

Targets ‘or’ Trolls

Today,ive been labeled a troll!-WOW!!-I didnt even know what the word ment and had to look it up!!! ive been placed on a government kill list,and torture untill death list.(i didnt say which gov.)-A list that even the FOIA wont indulge.And for the last 3 decades have been hammered with some of the worst nightmaresContinue reading “Targets ‘or’ Trolls”

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