Legacy Of The Lost

Pain unimaginable,suffering and lament-Blood and tears stain cement! Screams go unheard deep underground-in deep dark tunels and basements where none can be found! We screamed for America,defender of the free-We prayed to a God who we could not see! No 1 seemed to answer,and evidently no 1 cared-So we lost all hope in the faith we shared! We watched our numbers dwindle1 by 1 as they gave in to suicides-with blood trickling down slit wrists they were given there last chance on the ‘OPEN MIKE’ to say there goodbyes! We all listened and cryed as they ask us to ‘Please Remember Me’-Then they too were gone,leaving us ‘The Legacy’!!!!!!!!

‘Dream’-or ‘reality’?

Ive been having a recuring ‘dream’, that when i hold something up high-the opposite apaers! When i raise up the American flag-people see the flag of Argentina! When i raise up the holy bible, they see the satanic bible! when i held up the Harley D. symbol-they saw a leading Japanese motorcycle manufacturer! When i held up a cross they saw an upside down 5 pointed star! when i held up a pic, of Donald Trump, they saw the pres. of Argentina! All christians had the apearance of crustations, and people were drawing the christian symbol of the fish around them to truly identify them!( You know this is really happening to unsuspecting americans, and others around the world using (maybe)-ECO SPOT LED C40E projecters applying InstaRage???)-China has even more powerfull satilite projecters,and besides entertaining the elite with living cartoon figures of the unsuspecting-They are also marking every single human being. You have All kinds of unseen symbols around you depecting who and what you are. Your religion-such as the star of david, or a cross, or a pentagram.A triangle for A.A. skull and crossbones,military insignia,flag of your country,besides your personal info. Your sexual prefrences-and not on a computer screen-Technology is a lot further advanced then people realize-welcome to the world of 5 D Microsoft Halolens Imagery-I.V.A.S.(Intagrated Visual Augmented Systems)-Halolens 2-is the American Armies version of it,and their not using it to harm you,but actually Protecting us from enemies who have infiltrated our borders using very sophisticated technology against us! America has been spending the majority of its resources in building up its military,while China has been pouring every yuan into its technology-and as a result,we (might have)-better tanks and machine guns and bombs, but we (might be)-hurting where we are being attacked the hardest,and that is on the battlefield of ‘Virtual’-which has become the ‘New Reality’.-A place where American soldiers have actually used ‘Directed Stick Radiater Guns’to fight off demons that they can only spot thru their I.V.A.S.lences,and a place where spirits and souls of the dead have actually been found resideing in off planet virtual reality worlds-(but thats another story)-!!!


im crippled and wayward and always prone to roam-im the black sheep who felt rejected so strayed far from home.i ended up in a wolf pack who i had to fight to get in-i forgot about my Savior who suffered and died for my sin.We were carefree and reckless and unwanted by the rest-and tho we had mad love for each other it was soon put to the test. The world came after us with a vengence and and ripped our troop apart-its then i remembered Christ who so long ago won my heart. So i began to cry out in repentence for my first true love-and unbelievable as it may seem Christ heard from above.He said I have a plan and a purpose for you wether near or far-This is why I made you to be exactly who you are.All those warriors and junkies and ladies who only longed to be free-Need to hear of My grace and My love and how much I want them here with Me. But no 1 else would go to them and didnt know what to say-So I had to send you son,there was no other way.I know it cost you everything and you might even think your life was for naught-But you went where no 1 else was strong enough to go and gather the 1’s I sought.Now your wolf pack is 1/2 dead and scattered and seems fallen from grace-But thanks to you the Crown Jewels of my heart will soon be in place. ( a true story about a friend)


i awoke to the news that someone i loved had commited suicide in the night,and they are christians-so,is suicide an unforgivable sin? no,and i can prove it! #1,Jesus died for our sins (all of them)-before we were ever even born-(up to the time we except him? sin brakes fellowship,not relationship.) #2,i know he commited suicide as a direct result of being attacked by mind control troops, that would be murder,not suicide! As a matter of fact 9.9 percent of all suicides are a direct result of outside influences,wether demonic,or technology,or both!! And #3,if suicide was an unforgiveable sin,dont you think Jesus would have mentioned it, even 1 time in His word? He doesnt!!! my friend finished his race,and now is in the arms of Christ-but for those responsible-Jesus says it wre better that a millstone (car motor)-were hung about your neck,and you be drowned in the depth of the sea,(vanern)-then to harm 1 of these little 1’s

weLl oF sOuls

L (of weLl)-F(from oF)-O (of sOuls)-L.F.O.-I know God gives me what i write,and im sure 9 times out of 10 i probly get most of it wrong.But when writing this,i wanted it to have a catchy heading,and so i spelled it funky,and even experimented with it-a lil, untill it looked kool to me,but i also know i have some weird people who follow me-(government snoops)-so i was thinking,i wonder how their going to try and twist this peice!-so i only did what i figured they would do, and i ask google what the acronim for L.F.O. is,what google told me verified to me what i already know-(besides me being crazy)-is that God actually is in control of what i write!!!!!!!!!!-L.F.O.Low Frequency Osculation. So i googled L.F.O./mindcontrol)-

wElL oF sOuls

Have you ever wondered exactly what is under the dome of the rock?-or why its called a rock? Muslims holiest shrine,and christians alike-why is it holy,and what is its significance? And what is the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet? Under the dome of the rock is a large slab,in the rock is a dried up well that has formed a network of underground caves.From inside the well 2 things can be heard,souls in purgatory waiting Christs redemption-(the ark of the covenant used to cover that hole,gaurding those souls,and might still be)-and they can hear running water inside the cave which are underground springs feeding the river Euphrates.The Imam of muslim prophesy is predicted to appear out of this well,but an imposter is going to appear here 1st,-he is known as the false prophet of the bible who will appear with many lieing signs and wonders,decieveing many.It is the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet,in the holy place.He will appear in the well thru the network of caves leading to the holy place.When the east realizes his deception,they will revolt against him and he in turn will have this well flooded with the waters of the Euphrates.As a result 2 things will happen-there will be an earthquake in Jerusalem,and the waters of the Euphrates will be dried up-(Rev.12:15-16-And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood.And the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth,and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.)


Lenga-(Those who collect-Harvesters)-Angel-(Those who distribute-Messengers)-Never forget,Things on earth are just a shadow of whats going on in heaven! (Heb.8:5)-Things on earth are just a pattern,or shadow of heavens reality.Unseen forces around us control what we see taking place visibly.We need to remember that, when reading about angels and demons in revelations.We are not going to just sit back and watch angels and demons battle and slay citizens.(Though i since in my spirit that China is cloneing and crossbreeding never before seen insects,animals, and people for the purpose of war)-This next verse is pivitol to me in understanding the book of revelations.Rev.9:14-15-saying to 6th angel which had the trumpet,Loose the 4 angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.And the 4 angels were loosed which were prepared for an hour and a month and a day and a year for to slay the 3rd part of men.What were the angels bound by? Time! Rev.7:1-3-And after these things i saw 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth,that the wind should not blow on the earth,nor on the sea,nor on any tree.And i saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God,and he cryed with a loud voice to the 4 angels,to whom it was given to hurt the earth(Jews)-and the sea(Gentiles)-saying hurt not the earth niether the sea,nor the trees(leaders)-till we have sealed the servants of our God in there foreheads.Dont wait for some angelic scribe with an ink horn to go around placing a mark on people-This is happening now! Every christian and jew is secretly being located and identified most likely by the highly sophisticated muslim brotherhood,which was formed,and is run by the freemasons-(maybe ISIS will be the sword in thier hand)-Rev.16:12-And the 6th angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates,and the water thereof was dried up,that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.These unseen angels are going to control the 4 main branches of the new world military,and their armies.there are 2 countries on this earth the rest of the world hates-Devout Israeli Jews founded on the old testament-and Spirit filled American Christians founded on the new testament.There is a massive 200million person army ready and waiting for the green light to move against Israel,and America,but have been told to wait! As a matter of fact,thier rareing at the bit,and its getting harder and harder to hold them back-they cant understand what the hold up is-The whole world is falling apart waiting-BUT ITS HARD TO MARK CHRISTIANS WHEN THIER NUMBERS KEEP INCREASEING-( the times of the gentiles are almost fulfilled).What causes angels in heaven to rejoice? When 1 person comes to repentance,night and day you hear thier rejoiceing(non stop)-in heaven,But thier will be silence in heaven about the space of 1/2 an hour.(Rev.8:1)-The times of the gentiles will be fulfilled,and God will once again start to deal with the jews.(1/2 an hour)-If a day is a thousand years,what is 1/2an hour? 35 years!!! So when did the 35 years start? i dont know-(maybe 34 years ago)-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rev.13:1-(a)-And i stood upon the sand of the sea,and saw a beast rise up out of the sea-Rev.13:11-(a)-And i beheld another beast coming up out of the earth-In Gods eyes there are only 2 races-Jews,and Gentiles! The gentiles in scripture represent the sea,and the jews, the earth.(im just coming off the streets from being homeless and have neither a concordance,or a giant print king james bible,so its harder for me to research)-but, this fact is proven here, ‘In The Bible “EARTH’ Signifies The Specific Land Addressed While “SEA” Symbolizes Foriegn Nations”- the 7 heads and ten horns represent 7 sectors with 10 leaders over the gentile nations-the 2 horns of the 2nd beast rep.2 leaders over the people who claim to be jews and are not but are the synogogue of satan-(The prime minister, and the false prophet!)-The leaders of the 1st beast-1 satan,2 the false prophet and the anti christ,3 viceroys,and 4 generals. The first beast is the gentile new world order,and will be run by a new computer system called R.I.N.A.-Recursive Inter Network Archetecture. The second beast is the Israeli new world order,and is going to be run by a new computer system called Melanox-(see israel and the new world order)Israel is emerging as the worlds #1 gaurdian of the internet,and Melanox and RINA are compatable.bitcoin will replace curancy,and is compatable with both systems-quote from the jerusalem post “perhaps someone will come along for the sake of bringing peace to the middle east”.

Targets ‘or’ Trolls

Today,ive been labeled a troll!-WOW!!-I didnt even know what the word ment and had to look it up!!! ive been placed on a government kill list,and torture untill death list.(i didnt say which gov.)-A list that even the FOIA wont indulge.And for the last 3 decades have been hammered with some of the worst nightmares humanly imaginable-attacked by predator drones with radio frequency weapons,(inside America)-surrounded by satalites that send high powered micro wave weapon pulse shots into my face,chest and head because ive been labeled a MADE person!!! Ive been sold to Field Weapons Testing contract killers, and hit teams, so they could pound me with heat bombs,from subdural nanotech,and pulsed energy projectiles anytime they please.Micro wave weapons,lasers masers,RF signals sent to covertly implanted RFIDs,MEMs,NEMs,WBANs-specific radio frequencys sent directly to my brain at night to keep me from REM sleep,which is sleep deprivation,(a classic form of torture),and flicks of military tracking radar to needle me from a distance,on all parts of my body,includeing my private parts-using voice to skull,and chatter boxing to keep me from living my life in peace,and remote electro vibrations to my spine and other body parts-And been completly pulverized by some of the worst character assassinations imaginable,by profesionals,who go to college to learn this art.And it was thru character assassination that i began to learn the truth-because the downside of character assassination is that the first person being destroyed by character ass.is the assassins themselves-As soon as a person sits down behind a mind control weapon,and puts on there head sets, and begins to try and open up my mind for public scrutiny,gives me the opp.to expose all there dirty lil secrets too, for the simple fact that our minds becme linked-so the enemy takes prisoners ,forces them at the threat of torture,to sit down and attack the targeted individule,if the T.I.has the since to retaliate, and return the assult,then he will be attacking the hostage and not the enemy-The enemy therefore protects himself, and at the same time kills 2 birds with 1 stone!!! So who is the enemy? well let me tell you who the hostages are,and i will let you answer that question for yourselves-The hostages are prisoners,being housed in pow camps and prisons on trumped up and false charges made available to the public(nieve), by a character assaination platoon.The hostages are freedom fighters who stood up bravely,in the face of extremism and had the audacity to fight terrorism-and for there bravery and courage,they have been reduced to the worst forms of torture imaginable-where is Christ in all of this? my faith is the only thing that the enemy hasnt been able to take from me.And if they could,they would have slandered and assassinated my character before the very throne of Holy God Himself! Satan is doing that very thing to each and every christian now-it will take him about 1 prophetic year to complete-and after hes accused each and every born again believer in the only place in heaven hes allowed to go,(And thats the court room in heaven before God)-once hes finished accuseing us,he will be kicked out of heaven permenantly-make no mistake,satan is not on this earth-hes given his generals orders to hold the fort down till he retuns-so when did this 70 yr trial begin? my guess is about 35 or 40 years ago-i dont know,maybe Perry Stone or 1 of Gods other timeline prophets can do the math-America is not the enemy,shes 1 of the manyhostages—wow wow wow to the inhabiters of the earth—

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